PLAN 31 corporate group

PLAN 31 Mérnök Kft. was founded in 1992 in Budapest and later opened several partner offices in the region.

PLAN 31 Mérnök Kft – Hungary

PLAN 31 RO SRL – Romania

PLAN 31 BG – Bulgaria

KS PLAN 31 – Moldova

PLAN 31 SER – Serbia

Designing reinforced concrete since 1992

PLAN31 Mérnök Kft. was founded in 1992. Most of the engineers of the company used to work at ÁÉV No. 31 (state-owned construction company) previously, where they acquired a lot of experience in designing reinforced concrete shell structures. The design office operates since then, continuing this tradition, extended with the design of monolithic reinforced concrete structures. Through its innovative engineering solutions the company contributed to the creation of a great number of industrial, commercial, sports purposes and logistics buildings in the past 30 years. Our main activity areas:

  • General design of supporting structures
  • Preparation of supporting structure comparative studies
  • Preparation of static approval plans
  • Preparation of the execution of monolith reinforced concrete structures
  • Product planning of prefabricated and prestressed concrete structures
  • Designing steel structures and wooden structures
  • Designing industrial buildings and floors
  • General architectural design

Our partners

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